Breathe Carolina to play at Shryock before Warped Tour

With hit single “Blackout” under their belt and another one on the way in May, electropop duo Breathe Carolina will be stopping by Shryock Auditorium Saturday. Kyle Even, a member of the band, took a few minutes to talk with the DE about the upcoming show, touring with musician friends and their plans for the future.

Daily Egyptian: So have you guys played in this area before?

Kyle Even: We have; it’s been a long time though, so it’s hard for me to recollect the actual surroundings. Excited to come back, excited to see what it’s about.

DE: Do you guys play a lot of college towns?

KE: We have been on this tour. Just did a week straight of colleges. It’s been a lot of fun.

DE: What do you guys like about playing to a college town crowd?

KE: It’s the crowd; it’s people our age. It’s just a different vibe. I think that’s what makes it unique.

DE: Have you guys been playing any new material on this tour?

KE: We’ve actually been holding off until Warped Tour. We’ve got a new track that will be dropping in mid-May, so we’ve just been waiting for that to release. Then we’ll finally showcase it. It’s a track called “Hit and Run.” It’s our new single. Can’t wait to drop it. I feel like we’re just sitting on it. It’s like, “Ahhhh.”

DE: So you guys have played Warped Tour before?

KE: Yeah, this will be our third year.

DE: Do you have a preference between playing your own tour or going on a big one with a bunch of other bands?

KE: There’s just something special about Warped Tour and having that many bands in one place that you don’t get anywhere else, especially being able to do it for two months straight. You really become a giant family and become this little town that knows everybody. It’s really cool. There’s nothing like Warped Tour. I’m excited to get back on and see some old friends.

DE: Are there any bands you’re looking forward to meeting or hanging out with?

KE: Oh yeah. Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Yellowcard. There’s just so many bands we’ve already toured with. It’s going to be a summer, for sure.

DE: What do bands do in the downtime on that tour?

KE: People just know each other, and it’s like school. We’re lucky that we have this icebreaker. We have music. We have our stories from the road. It’s cool, just kicking back and hanging. It’s awesome.

DE: Your single “Blackout” is up to more than 8 million views on YouTube. What’s it like getting that kind of exposure?

KE: I think it’s exciting just being able to have the opportunity. Going into the second single, “Hit and Run,” it’ll be even more just to see it succeed and really fight. We’re kind of the odd man out, I feel like, always in terms of shows. We’re the pop band on a heavy tour or vice versa. I love that about what we’ve done.

DE: What was going through your head when you got your first million views on YouTube?

KE: (laughs) It was trippy, for sure. We got our first million plays on MySpace, and now MySpace is up in the 30s. It’s like, how is that even possible? It’s crazy.

DE: What can people expect from “Hit and Run?”

KE: It’s not too far off from anything we’ve done in the past. I feel like in this last session, we’ve written some of the best songs we’ve ever written. We’re just excited to share it all, really.


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