Opinion: U.N. panel discusses issue of U.S. torture

A delegation representing the U.S. appeared before the United Nations Committee Against Torture on Nov. 12 and 13 in Geneva, Switzerland, to reaffirm the United States’ commitment to ban torture. An occasion such as this demonstrates the U.N.’s ... Continue Reading →

Rights addressed in two Illinois amendments

Guest columnist Bob Velez, president of Graduate Assistants United and political science instructor.    This year Illinois voters will notice a significant addition on the ballots they receive and cast at the polls.  An unprecedented five statewide ... Continue Reading →

Ebola: An issue of governance

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa that has killed more than 2,600 can be contained. The main issue facing West Africa is one of poor governance to combat the disease. Regardless of fault, it is the world’s problem now. To stop the spread of Ebola, those ... Continue Reading →

Money troubles fall on students

This is  guest column written by SIU student Cody Ward. Time is money. We have all heard this expression on multiple occasions, and for many of the student workers here on campus, we are about to fully grasp its meaning. Three hours a week is what the ... Continue Reading →

Vaccinations vital to public health

The following is a guest column written by senior SIU journalism student Drake Hall. Recently, the small-but-vocal anti-vaccine movement has been linked to small-scale outbreaks of preventable diseases across the country. Most media outlets have done ... Continue Reading →

An open letter to the SIU community

Climate change is real and it is here. Rising seas and temperatures are fueling more powerful and destructive storms. Unpredictable precipitation patterns are making it more difficult to provide food for growing populations. Ecosystems and ways of life ... Continue Reading →

A growing problem from China air pollution

This is a guest column written by Amber Davis The sight of blue surgical masks and thick smog is what has captured America’s attention in the past few months with Beijing’s worsening air pollution. Beijing has recently had to take action by allotting ... Continue Reading →

Net neutrality is a must

The following is a guest column written by SIU senior and journalism student Drake Hall… How many times a day do you use the Internet? If you’re a college student, that might be a difficult question to answer. You might use your iPhone to check Facebook ... Continue Reading →

Time for expert advice on Thompson Woods

The following is a guest column written by SIU Professor of Plant Biology Daniel L. Nickrent… Having been a professor of plant biology at SIU since 1990 and an undergraduate here in the 1970s, I feel I have the credentials and institutional knowledge ... Continue Reading →

Sister speaks: I love you Vava

Pravin is the funniest guy I know. I am so incredibly blessed to have been able to spend nineteen years with him- years filled with memories that I will treasure forever. Being 17 months apart, I can never recall any childhood memory without him. Every ... Continue Reading →
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Editorial Cartoon – January 23, 2014

Editorial cartoon for January 23, 2014 About Opinion Desk Continue Reading →
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Editorial Cartoon – January 22, 2014

Editorial cartoon for January 22, 2014 About Opinion Desk Continue Reading →
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Editorial Cartoon – January 16, 2014

Editorial cartoon for January 16, 2014 About Opinion Desk Continue Reading →
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Editorial Cartoon – January 15, 2014

Editorial cartoon for January 15, 2014 About Opinion Desk Continue Reading →
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Editorial Cartoon – January 13, 2014

Editorial cartoon for January 13, 2014 About Opinion Desk Continue Reading →
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