Simon poll shows community concerns

Nearly 600 people responded to the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute in one of the largest community surveys it has conducted in recent years. The Jackson/Williamson County Survey was released Wednesday. The Survey Research Office of the Center for State ... Continue Reading →

Second autopsy shows bruising on Varughese

An independent autopsy on the body of Pravin Varughese, commissioned by the family has found several discrepancies with the official report. Charles Stegmeyer, the attorney for the family, said the autopsy showed Varughese had a “significant number ... Continue Reading →

An open letter to NCAA President Mark Emmert

Mark, you make $1.7 million per year. That is $6.8 million over the course of four years, the average amount of time a college athlete spends on campus. Meanwhile, student athletes are suspended for even taking a free lunch, something any college kid ... Continue Reading →

Paul Simon Debate turns friends into foes

Two national champions normally on the same side of an argument found themselves head-to-head in the inaugural Paul Simon Debate. Ben Campbell, a senior from Springfield, Mo. studying political science, and Josh Rivera, a junior from Chicago studying ... Continue Reading →

Seth saves the world: Talking in theaters is worse than drugs

Drugs are bad. There’s really no way around the argument. They can make you lazy, addictive, unreliable and just an all-around jerk. Who knew Mr. Mackey was right? But here’s the thing: it’s a health problem, not a criminal problem. Yes, I know ... Continue Reading →

Seth Saves the World: I will literally fight everyone in Irwindale

Alright America, normally I write about nonsense and how Anthony Weiner was elected president in an alternate universe or whatever, but this week it’s time to get serious. What’s going on? An unjust war? Unfair practices against the masses? “The ... Continue Reading →

City Council increases refuse and recycling fee

Another tax increase is on the way for Carbondale residents.  The Carbondale City Council voted unanimously to approve an increase of just over two percent per year to the refuse and recycling fee. The increase raises the current fee from $14.30 to $14.60 ... Continue Reading →

Seth saves the world: There’s no rules!

Dude, I’m digging this whole anarchy thing we’re heading towards. While I’m an American through and through, I enjoy a little anarchy sometimes. It’s fun to mix things up and watch the chaos. Plus the Joker was a cool character and I’m totally ... Continue Reading →

Toxicology report negative in Varughese case

The toxicology report for Pravin Varughese came back Wednesday with no signs of alcohol or drugs in his system. Varughese family attorney James Vachachira confirmed the Carbondale Police Department informed the mother of the toxicology report’s findings.  Varughese ... Continue Reading →
William Blankenship,
leader of the
OpenSpace project,
shows off Google
Glass Saturday in
the new OpenSpace
location on the
Carruthers Elementary
School grounds
in Murphysboro.
Google Glass is a pair
of glasses, that can
take photos, record
video and display
information such as
time and directions.
OpenSpace is a project
allowing technology
enthusiasts to
build software and
hardware and work
with tools such as a 3D
printer and programs
such as Arduino and
Raspberry Pi.

Student provides space for technology

Silicon Valley might soon come to southern Illinois, thanks to the efforts of one university student. OpenSpace, a technology “do it yourself” center, officially opened March 22 in Murphysboro. The space provides anyone interested in technology with ... Continue Reading →

Seth Saves the World: Dude, Hobby Lobby, calm down

Hobby Lobby is a great store. They have all the things you need for arts and crafts under one roof. You can buy yarn, buttons, silk plants and glitter in one convenient location. If they had groceries there, they would have everything I need for everyday ... Continue Reading →

City to increase sales, hotel tax to tackle budget

Tourists and locals alike will see a tax increase as part of a plan to remedy the city’s nearly $1 million budget deficit. The Carbondale City Council voted to raise both the sales tax and hotel/motel tax as part of its plan to balance the budget. The ... Continue Reading →

Pizza and Politics delve into situation in Ukraine

The Paul Simon’s Public Policy Institute’s Pizza and Politics series continues at 5 p.m Monday, with a discussion about Ukraine. Associate Professors Stephen Bloom and Stephen Shulman are set to discuss the ongoing Ukrainian crisis and the international ... Continue Reading →

Seth Saves the World: I’m Batman

So guess what? I’m Batman. Well, not on this planet or in this universe. But I am Batman somewhere. Especially after the findings this week of the first physical evidence of the Big Bang hint at the multiverse theory. Basically, the theory states ... Continue Reading →

Tight races for governor, state rep lie ahead

With the primary elections over, the general election landscape is beginning to take shape. Key races at the state and local level include the race for governor between incumbent Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn and Republican challenger Bruce Rauner, and the ... Continue Reading →
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