The girl from Carbondale

Note to the reader: We at the DAILY EGYPTIAN do not usually publish this type of material on the Opinions page, but we thought today we’d do something a little different. 

Illinois is a beautiful place
The land has been touched by God’s grace
The fields are plenty, the forests thick
The towns are made of steel and brick
The rivers are gentle and the summers are warm
In autumn beauty is the norm
Yet a single city is the most beautiful part
For a girl down there holds my heart
If you head down south on an old dusty trail
You will soon find the city of Carbondale

The town is old but its spirit new
The brick streets have a red hue
The university overshadows the entire city
But fresh spring flowers make it pretty
You can hear chimes every hour
Ringing forth from the bell tower
Yet when I see her face I can’t utter a word
The town around me becomes blurred

When I see her arrive, my legs want to run
For her face is more beautiful than the setting sun
When I embrace her in my arms, my knees get weak
My heart skips a beat when she kisses my cheek
When I smell her hair a shiver goes down my spine
And I can’t help but smile because she is mine.

This is my story, this is my tale
About the girl from Carbondale

I will love her unconditionally until the end of time
I will love her when she’s old and out of her prime
I will love her through the good days and the bad
I will love her when I’m happy and when I’m sad
I will love her until I breathe my final breath
But I will continue to love her after my death
My body may cease but my love will never fail
I will always love the girl from Carbondale

Ryan Harding

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